Saffron : The best Of Kashmir

We as a whole think about Saffron its uses and advantages yet we certainly don’t have any learning about the best quality saffron accessible in showcase. Why I am utilizing word “Best Quality” on the grounds that unless the saffron is unique it might just gives you shading however no advantages like: fragnence, taste and other sound uses.

So when next time you go to the market and particularly confounded about which quality saffron to buy, Well I have an answer – Kashmiri Saffron is the best saffron to purchase and take it to your home.

Why this brand is exceptional from different brands, the reason is it is developed naturally in the valley of Pampore and it is finest quality confirmed Kashmir saffron. This brand is fabricated by Kashmir Kesar Leader organization which is one of the most seasoned saffron maker in Kashmir valley with 73 years of experience.

Why just Kashmir mark saffron:-

The organization which makes this brand is an ISO confirmed organization with Fssai check.

This brand offers the finest red strands of saffron which gives the red shading to your tongue in the wake of keeping it.

This brand guarantees Premium Quality and these items are Lab Tested. You can Use in Food Products or Beauty Packs For Fair Complexion.

You can keep this Saffron in Cool and Dry Place and can utilize it for a long time.

Kashmir mark saffron is most driving brand in the market.

As we as a whole realize that saffron has many advantages in wellbeing in and other , here are a few advantages which will make you to purchase saffron:-

Ensure against disease.

It encourages in to expand essentialness.

Ensures cerebrum cells.

Aides in controlling cholesterol level.

When purchasing saffron search for strings that are dull red. In the event that the stems are orange, the saffron is probably going to be of substandard quality. Attempt and source Iranian saffron in the event that you can as it’s flavor and smell is unmatched. You can get it from most Middle Eastern stores on online from shops like kashmirbox.

Get ready Liquid Saffron

I ordinarily utilize a pestle and mortar for this yet you can simply granulate the saffron in a flavor or espresso processor. Simply ensure all the crushing hardware is totally dry before you begin. This is significant, as the saffron won’t pound down on the off chance that it gets wet. You can store any remaining ground saffron in a water/air proof holder for half a month.

  1. Put 1 tsp of saffron and a 1/4tspof sugar in a pestle and mortar and crush until the point when it is a fine powder.
  1. Place 1/4 teaspoon of ground saffron in a glass and include 50ml of high temp water. Give the blend a decent mix and abandon it to drench for no less than 10mins preceding utilizing.

Fluid saffron will keep for 2-3 days in the cooler.

From the gardens of Kashmir, Kashmir Box brings to your doorstep the exotic, aromatic and premium grade saffron to enhance your culinary skill and add powerful colors, fragrance and taste to your special delicacies.

We take special care in ensuring that only the best grade of saffron reaches you and your loved ones. Free from any chemicals, our saffron is specially handpicked from the fields of Pampore and is loaded with medicinal properties, aroma and flavour. Add a pinch to turn an ordinary dish to a divine delicacy or use it as a cosmetic product to achieve that flawless skin.

Buy saffron online as it gives you 0 effort for ordering with the best quality rahter than searching for a shop and a good quality product. Saffron is loaded with medicinal properties. From improving your memory to keeping depression at bay, from getting rid of acne to curing flu and cold, this spice has it all! Health Benefits of Saffron Improves Memory: Crocin and crocetin are powerful antioxidants found in saffron which help in improving memory of a person.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be kept away by its intake. Saffron acts as an Antidepressant: Saffron contains 5-hydroxytryptophan which helps in the production of serotonin which helps in elevating the mood.It helps in receiving blood into the brain and helps in reducing depression and apprehension.

Saffron Prevents Cancer: Crocin and Safranal in saffron inhibit the growth of tumor in the body. The Carotenoids in saffron possess chemo preventive properties. It has been found to help protect against colon, liver and ovarian cancer.

Skin Benefits: Saffron has anti-bacterial properties and can is very beneficial in reducing acne. it can be directly applied on the affected area. It acts as a natural scrub and aids in removing dead cells. Saffron can also be applied along with milk to lighten the skin and remove pigments.

Optimum health: The overall mineral content including calcium, vitamins, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin-C, proteins etc present in Saffron ensure the maintenance of optimum health.

Cold remedy: Kashmiri Saffron has been found to be beneficial against flu and cold. Glass of warm milk along with saffron is recommended while sick. Healthy Kidneys: It helps in protecting kidney related diseases and reduces kidney stress.

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