6 Top Most Products You Must Know of Kashmir Box


While the top end Carpets are made of pure silk or pure wool, mid to low priced carpets are made with wool and cotton blend. Also, woolen carpets are made at many places in India outside Kashmir – one large production centre is near Varanasi, UP. However, silk carpets are still made in Kashmir only, mostly in Srinagar.

Silk carpets may have a 20% blend of cotton to lend support to the weaves. These high quality carpets would have as high as 1600 knots per sq. inch. The lower quality carpets vary between 400 knots to 800 knots. The knots have 3 distinct styles. The single knot called Sneha owes its name to an ancient town in Persia. The more expensive silk carpets are made of single knot and are considered superior.

The mixed carpets have double knots and are mostly used in handlooms for making cheaper model of floor carpets. The Tibetan knot is the third variation.

The designs of Kashmiri carpets online reflect a distinct Persian influence although later centuries have seen some dilution because of Afghanistan influence. The Herat (Afghanistan’s third largest town) carpet specially deserves specific mention as the Herat design is considered fortunate. (More on Herat Carpets in a later blog).

The most popular design motif used on Kashmiri carpets is the Tree of Life – the Chinar tree and its unique leaves. Natural scene, birds and animals, hunting scenes are the other designs found. Another feature of Kashmiri carpet is the use of mineral oils rather than the vegetable oils used elsewhere.

With its hub in Srinagar, Kashmiri silk carpets are handmade, hand-knotted and involve hereditary skill to come out in their purest of forms. Cascading through centuries, the technique has been passing on from fathers to sons, and a weaver might take months and even up to a year or two, to complete one big carpet which is often custom-made for a client who is ready to pay lakhs per design.

A little more of google investigation – Available in wide-ranging colors, designs and sizes, these rugs are distinguished to have bright, jewel-like color tones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, aquamarine, amethyst, and ivory. Carpets from Kashmir are traditionally made in oriental, floral designs that typically involve the significant and culturally important motifs such as the paisley, chinar tree, (the oriental plane) and tree-of-life. Most of these designs are rooted in the Kashmiri way of living and are a symbolic representation of the age-old Kashmir tradition of hospitality, warmth and genuine love.

Kehwa tea


I sipped the world famous “Kashmiri Kahwa Tea” for the first time during the trip. The experience was mind blowing!!! I never drank anything like that before. The tea was as attractive as the valley, and every sip of it combined the cultural element of Kashmir in it. You will always crave for this tea the moment have a sip of it. During my travel to Kashmir I drank almost 5-6 cups of Kahwa chai everyday.

I still can’t forget those mesmerizing moments in Kashmir, the white snow, the spectacular and beautiful valley, the amazing people, their culture and off-course the exotic

Kashmiri tea. Sometimes, when I make my own kahwa chai at home, I drizzle back into the same exotic beauty of Kashmir. I wish I could have the same experience in my everyday life.

Those who have visited Kashmir must have consumed kahwa tea at-least once and I assume them to be a big of fan of the chai. Let us know a bit more about the kashmiri kahwa chai, especially for the non-experienced (by this I mean those who have not had a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa).

Dry fruits


There are sorts of products to buy dry fruit online products, Dried Fruit, for example, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts Online , peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and so on and the rundown of dry fruits product goes on

Much the same as almonds, other sort of dry fruits and nuts products were additionally given. Walnuts and Cashew nuts for nibble while going to class. With the greater part of our dinners dry fruits products were included.

They are super valuable for us and particularly when you are general in having them as a child. Youngsters are inclined to fall sick effectively as their insusceptible framework is quite recently developing. It regards make it solid as you develop.

what are the advantages of dry fruits products ?

There are many dry organic product benefits. To buy Dry fruits online product help to control weight. It is to a great degree gainful for individuals with heftiness. Dry organic products avoid illnesses. Valuable for controlling cholesterol, diabetes, weakness, heart sicknesses and some more. This is on the grounds that it contains various vitamins, minerals and it nutritious for all.



Ponchos or “Capes”, as some call them, are the ULTIMATE conceal this Fall! Ponchos can be spruced up or down just by organizing diverse adornments. Poncho style dress with a couple of denim and pointed toe heels for a night out, or style with a light sweater, dark denim, and close-toed slides for a more easygoing look! Whatever the event we have you secured. We’ve chosen distinctive styles, and surfaces that are certain to be the most current basic in your wardrobe this Fall!

We should discuss capes, or wool ponchos, or whatever you need to call them. Approve, so they fundamentally just cover you fundamentally just cover at as it may, isn’t that exactly why it’s cool? That is to say, you can take it off and utilize it as a cover. May very well be the ideal thing for plane rides… something to consider. Also, to make the look more cleaned, simply include a belt. Spoiler ready: I’ll unquestionably be doing it for NYFW this season. Cause New York in February with a cover? Sounds like an arrangement.

Find our entire gathering flexible ponchos and capes.Buy online Ponchos and capes are great and ageless pieces.



The finest Pashmina (cashmere) wool is hand spun, hand woven, and embroidered by Kashmiri hand crafters from whom we purchase directly with fair trade agreements. Donning a Pashmina shawl is never out of vogue and makes a defining declaration for the discerning wearer.

Today you can own a fine, authentic Kashmiri Pashminashawl with confidence in its one-of-a-kind workmanship.

These shawls are a treasure, something to be coveted, to be saved for and laid away in fine chests to wear to the most elegant of balls, or unique celebrations.

Or cultivate a life for yourself in the finest of circles, wearing it to the best of parties, the cleverest outings, among the most interesting people, or dream of those circles and wear something that sets you apart from the crowd.You can buy all these kashmiri pashmina shawls online.



Pure Kashmir Shilajit is a thick, sticky tar-like substance with a blackish brown color, which means “rock- invincible” in Sanskrit. It is a rock-like substance that is found in mountainous regions in Asia. This material has been found to have great detoxification and energy-producing health benefits.

It has been used for thousands of years for longevity and a host of other ailments. Shilajit is a thick, blackish-brown mineral pitch resin that oozes out of cracks in the Himalayan Mountains as the summer heat raises the temperature of the rock. Kashmir Box proudly presents to you this priceless and valuable substance for your health benefits. From the Himalayan range of Kashmir, the 100% pure Shilajit. Shilajit contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, Vitamins, Fulvic acid and very important phyto-nutrients.

The Fulvic acid in Shilajit is in its most natural and purest form. Fulvic acid is required to dilate the cell walls and transport the minerals deep into the cells. No amount of mineral supplements will be of any use unless they are transported into the cells. Minerals also act as catalysts in the assimilation of vitamins. Insufficient supply of minerals will also mean vitamin deficiency. Fulvic acid alone can transport the minerals through the thick cell walls. Shilajit has 85+ minerals apart from fulvic acid and can instantly supply them to the cells. It can effectively prolong cell life and keep it healthy for a very long time. Shilajit is truly the super food which the Indian Yogis termed as Amrita or the Elixir of Life.

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