The Best Way To Take It : Shilajit


Shilajit, an Ayurvedic herbal substance, changed my life. I have been obsessed with the mineral supplement ever since a yogi in India gave me some almost 14 years ago. While traveling through the foothills of the Himalayas, I encountered this yogi. When he first showed me the black tar-like substance, my first thought was that he was offering me some sort of illicit drug. I was very hesitant to accept and ingest a strange, gooey black resin from an even stranger man who had apparently spent the last 17 years in a cave!

First Taste of Shilajit

He took a small pinch, the size of a lentil, and told me to place it under my tongue. The taste was not pleasant. It was extremely bitter and earthy. Like what I imagined charcoal or dirt must taste like, times ten! Within seconds, I could feel its effects. I felt energized and awake. There was a subtle sense of tingling throughout my body. My mind felt clear and concentrated. I wanted more!

I expressed my amazement with the effects and asked again if he could sell me some. He again declined. I asked where I could buy some and he then warned that the original shilajit the vendors were selling in the market was most often fake or mixed with horrible things like petroleum jelly, cow urine, sugar, or even asphalt. He explained that because of shilajit’s fame and rarity, it is an expensive commodity and so many

A Rare and Scarce Blessing

We at that point started to examine the hugeness of what he was putting forth me.Original Shilajit, he clarified, was thought to be the zenith of the Ayurveda restorative framework. It had significant medical advantages, as well as heavenly power. He informed me regarding the mountains where it was gathered and that these spots were thought to be the houses the divine beings. He informed me regarding the uncommonness of credible shilajit and how even to simply observe it in the high rough bluffs was thought to be a gift from the sky. He said that taking shilajit routinely expanded the focus and empowered the client to live for a considerable length of time!

Now I thought I had made sense of this current man’s aims. My dad is an auto business person so I know an attempt to close the deal when I hear one. Looking to uncover his intentions I asked the yogi the amount it would cost for me to purchase this remedy of the divine beings. Amazingly, he educated me that shilajit of this quality was not available to be purchased. The villagers living high in the mountains had offered it to him to aid his contemplation retreats and he didn’t have enough to offer. Well? This person was better than average. I figured he could detect my distrust and was utilizing some switch brain research on me trying to reel me back in for the enormous deal. I should concede if that was his arrangement it was working on the grounds that now I was adequately captivated to attempt some of this stuff!

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