Try out Stylish Kashmiri Ponchos and Pashminas

A word about ‘Pashmina’

The marketing term “Pashmina”  is often confused with cashmere.  Pashmina is not a legal fibre term for labeling purposes, but instead is an Indian word used to describe cashmere wool in India. The raw fibre of cashmere is known as ‘pashm’; ‘pashmina’ is the yarn spun and the fabric.  As the term ‘Pashmina’ is not protected by law, often items sold as “Pashmina” are a blend of acryl, silk and cashmere, however there is no guarantee or requirement that they have any cashmere in them.

kashmiri Pashmina shawls are in demand these days as the winter season is in full swing now.

I wish to show you 4 top kashmiri shawls designs that are the favourite among indian women of the north.

  1. Jaal designkashmiripashmina shawl: This style is one of the oldest and traditional kashmiri embroidery design that is used mostly to make the bridal shawls. It has full embroidery all over and gives the most elegant looks.
  1. border embroidered shawl: This type of shawl with border workkashmiriembroidery is usually used as a casual wear wrap which a woman wears at office or home. This can also be used as party wear though.
  1. kaaniwork kashmiri shawl: This type of shawl is usually used by the senior women who are aged and like to wear sober colour clothing. Kaani work shawls are made with soft colour wool which looks elegant on the aged women.
  1. Bodyworkkashmiri shawl: This type of shawl is one of the top favourite item among the young girls as it is a universal type of product that can be used at college, at a function, at office or at home.

You can buy all these kashmiri pashmina shawls online.

In a society where throw-away goods multiply exponentially, Kashmir Handcrafts has returned to an Old World art in order to increase awareness of an incredible handcraft that deserves to be showcased and to become a sought-after fashion once again.

The finest Pashmina (cashmere) wool is hand spun, hand woven, and embroidered by Kashmiri hand crafters from whom we purchase directly with fair trade agreements. Donning a Pashmina shawl is never out of vogue and makes a defining declaration for the discerning wearer.

Not content to offer merely the finest cashmere, Kashmir Handcrafts also has its own unique trove of Shahpash scarves, woven in the fashion of the bygone “ring shawls.” Only at a specific time of year can this hair be gathered from the throats of the Kashmir mountain goats, and given only to the most skilled artisans who can spin the Pashmina strand until it is as fine as silk.

This creates a fabric so fine that the entire large shawl can be pulled through a wedding ring.

The centuries old craft of Pashmina and Shahpash weaving became an art under the encouragement of Akbar the Great, during his 16th century reign over the Kashmiri Empire. As an artist himself, Akbar quickly recognized the fine craftsmanship of these exquisite shawls and called for new innovations in color and design. Worn by men and women alike, the exquisitely decorated shawls were brought to Europe as gifts to wives, lovers, and friends where they became the height of European fashion for nearly a hundred years.

Today you can own a fine, authentic Pashmina shawl with confidence in its one-of-a-kind workmanship. These shawls are a treasure, something to be coveted, to be saved for and laid away in fine chests to wear to the most elegant of balls, or unique celebrations. Or cultivate a life for yourself in the finest of circles, wearing it to the best of parties, the cleverest outings, among the most interesting people, or dream of those circles and wear something that sets you apart from the crowd.

Fashionable PONCHOS

Poncho Company visited Kashmiri families in their homes in the Old city of Srinagar to check out the production of scarves, shawls, and gowns made of Pure poncho Wool. Some of these shawls take over 2 years! to weave because of their intricate nature. It’s wonderful helping keep the tradition alive producing fibers that can be woven into exquisitely soft and warm garments.

A poncho is a cloak kind outwear garment originated in South and Central America. It’s a rectangular or circular shaped cloth with an opening in the centre for the head and hangs loosely from the body. Traditionally there were woollen poncho to provide warmth and protection. It was worn by men, women and children and was considered as a practical garment because it has a basic design, was easy to make and wear. The colours and designs of poncho was an indicator of their social status.

Types of Poncho for women

  1. Crochet Poncho:

Crochet poncho can be worn during both warm and chilly weather. In summers it helps to provide another layer over a skimpy top or may be to turn a boring dress more glamorous!

Crochet offers variety of patterns and is done by either yarn or thread. The thread crotchet poncho is perfect for summers whereas a yarn crochet poncho is good for cooler months.

  1. Knit Poncho:

These are great for winters! When crotchet poncho fails to provide the protection, knitted poncho designs comes to rescue! Trendy and warm and best for chilly winters.

3.Silk Poncho:

Silk poncho is very light weight. And with summery colours it’s perfect for summers! Use it as an accessory to your outfit or the poncho itself can be the outfit.

  1. Embroidered Poncho:

These are traditional wool poncho designs and are available in variety of patterns and styles. They come in variety of fabrics and are very elegant. For both warmer and chilly weathers, depends on the fabric.

  1. Woolen Fabric Poncho:

It’s again a winter poncho. It’s not knitted but is made up of warm woolen fabric. Warmth depends on the fabric, and can be worn in both extreme and moderate weather.

  1. Hooded Poncho:

Poncho with a hood! Remember the one we had when we were kids!   well you can still enjoy the hooded poncho, after all we all love hoods! It adds extra warmth to the chilly weather.

  1. Turtleneck Poncho:

A cozy turtleneck to adds warmth and comfort in winters.

You can buy each and every ponchos online, without any hesitation or fear of any thing.We assure the best material or quality product.

How to Wear Poncho:

  • You can wear them over dresses. A simple dress can look chic with acrotchetponcho over it.
  • Pair it with a nice denim.
  • Wear it over a tube top or may be a camisole.
  • Foroffice, stick to black and blue.
  • Aponcho style dresswill look great with a pair of leggings!
  • Hooded poncho for a casual look.

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