Therapeutic favorable circumstances of Kashmiri Kahwa Chai


Not long after my trek to Kashmir, I began to expend Kahwa Tea and presented it family and companions. I am pleased to state that 100% of the general population to whom I presented the tea are currently “Kashmiri tea significant others.” They consistently devour this chai and have had colossal medical advantages from the same.

Great wellspring of Vitamins B2!!!

Kashmiri Kahwa tea is an extremely solid drink, and you don’t need to be a nutritionist to comprehend this as any layman can watch the fixings and reached conclusion. It has saffron which is a rich wellspring of Vitamin B2 which is exceptionally useful in vitality generation, creation of red platelets, reinforcing invulnerable framework and keeping eyes and skin solid. I remain solid and keep my resistant framework solid by simply adding a measure of Kahwa to my every day schedule.

You can lose those additional calories with Kahwa chai!!!

The individuals who need to eating regimen to lose fat, this chai is the best. I have shed pounds while I was on count calories utilizing this tea. Since, Kashmiri tea is a green tea by nature and we as a whole realize that it has fat consuming properties related with it. With normal exercise, eating routine and a few measures of Kahwa chai, you can get thinner quick. Make sure to drink Kahwa chai without sugar or any sweetener.


You know Kahwa chai is an anxiety buster as well!!!

You can promptly take note of the distinction once you devour it. It alleviates worry from the body and psyche by unwinding the muscles and the sensory system. Most vital thing is that Kahwa is free of caffeine. In this way, you can expend it as much as you need and you won’t the espresso nervousness which occurs with other charged beverages.

A total vitality sponsor!!!

This is a genuine article. At whatever point I feel low, I simply expend a measure of Kahwa chai. Kahwa tea is not just an incredible approach to kick begin the day additionally serves to in a flash energize you at whatever point you feel drained or dormant. It is the ideal refreshment to ease cerebral pains perk you up and to make you feel more dynamic. It additionally empowers and has warming impact. It’s especially profitable to drink Kashmiri Kahwa in icy winter night.

There are more medical advantages related with kahwa tea which you can encounter once you begin devouring it. Along these lines, inspire yourself with this brilliant kashmiri delicacy and offer it with your family and companions. Appreciate.

Beginning the day with a some tea is a day by day custom for a large portion of us. It revives you, invigorates you and sets you up to confront the day ahead. Be that as it may, it has been known since ages that teas are considerably more than only a reminder. They are a magnificent solution for different medical problems like when you are experiencing chilly or an annoyed stomach , or notwithstanding when battling stress or morning infection. Kahwa tea is one such refreshment which is an astounding blend of scrumptious taste, smell and a heap of medical advantages. It has been known to be a piece of Kashmir’s food since ages. Because of the nearness of saffron, it fills in as a warming beverage and withstands the cool winters.

Kahwa is a colorful blend of Kashmiri green tea leaves, entire flavors, nuts and saffron, which was customarily arranged in a metal pot known as samovar. The samovar has a focal pit where hot coal is set while the encompassing space is saved for heating up the water and different elements for the tea.


  1. Enhances Digestion

Kahwa tea washes down the stomach related framework and enhances digestion

. It is additionally referred to ease stomach related issues, for example, obstruction.

  1. Consumes Fat

In Kashmiri family units, it is served after dinners since it helps in assimilation as well as washes away fat, along these lines making it a perfect expansion to a weight watcher’s eating routine. It additionally keeps the affidavit of cholesterol in veins and in this manner lessens the danger of heart illnesses.

  1. Manufactures Immunity

The saffron exhibit in Kahwa tea is a phenomenal wellspring of vitamin B12, which revives the body’s guard framework.

  1. Stress Buster

Being rich in cancer prevention agents, kahwa tea makes you feel loose and lessens nervousness levels. It likewise neutralizes against the negative impacts of stress actuated poisons in the body.

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